Women’s History Month in the Arts | Anne Marchand

Anne Marchand Youtube video

Dear Zenith Art Lovers, 
For 42 years I have known Anne Marchand. She arrived as one of the first occupants at Zenith Square in around 1978 in the carriage house that was Zenith Gallery’s first home. Anne has made her career as an artist and art teacher, but mostly as an artist. Her style has evolved over the years and her inspired work continues to amaze.
Her work has gone from realism to abstract, small to large murals. Now her work is shown in museums around the country. Last year Anne was featured in solo exhibitions at the Morris Museum of Art, Augusta, Georgia, and the Museum of Arts and Sciences, Macon, Georgia, and currently at Frostburg University, Maryland.
We adore Anne and are so proud of her incredible talent and her accomplishments. In addition, Anne is a woman with a generous heart and full of grace. Her art uplifts and takes your mind into the Cosmos.
The current body of work is a group of paintings that employ a wide variety of materials and processes. These new paintings grew out of an earlier series that was inspired by photographs of galaxies and nebulae seen through the Hubble telescope. The images suggested a connection between deep space and inner space of the human body –  all the same energy in the macrocosm as in the microcosm.

“Space, color and mystery are calling cards to begin the work of layering materials on canvas. The painting process is a metaphor for patterns in nature seen in the visible world. The creative work combines themes of spirit and matter through both conscious and spontaneous acts to transform personal experience.

My work is inspired by images seen in the heavens and on earth. Science with its technological advances has given mankind the ability to see what was previously unseen. With this new information, I am interested in finding patterns that occur in the macrocosm and in the microcosm, in space and in the space of our bodies. I am looking at intersections of science and religion that tell us that we are linked with the universe and each other, created from the same materials. In the same breath, I am exploring mystical poetry to create a hybrid visual language.”                  …  Anne Marchand

Creatively Yours,
Margery E. Goldberg