Women’s History Month in Art | Carol Newmyer

Dear Zenith Art Lovers
Several times a week we will bring you a different artist. This month we are featuring women artists.   
Carol Newmyer has exhibited with Zenith Gallery since our first opening in 1978 until current day. She began her career at Zenith Square, then located at 15th and Rhode Island Avenue, Northwest, where many of our artists worked and lived.  
Carol is all heart, pouring it into her creative energy. “Roots and Wings” is her parenting philosophy – you give them roots and they grow wings. These works are meant to last centuries if not millenniums. Solid and fluid simultaneously, her art speak to the ages, across cultures and borders. Carol’s themes are fundamental and her sculptural language is universal. A continual shining light of positive and creative energy, we are proud to have her work to share with you for Women’s History month.
“My inspiration to create cast bronze figurative sculptures, comes from the desire to show transformation, balance and connection and how that can come from and out of tension and stress. Visually I try to focus on the gesture, emotion, balance, lines and negative space between the dancers. I like the combination of an image that is organic, raw and seemingly immovable like the roots of a tree (or family), with the smooth, ever changing, fluid and precisely formed figure, breaking free. There is a kind of poetry and irony in that. I am a positive person, so I try to emphasize that when life hands you challenges, the goal is to move and dance through them.
All of my sculptures are sculpted out of wax and then cast through the lost wax method of casting. Many of my pieces are meant to be touched and moved into different positions because I very much enjoy the concept and results of offering Participatory art”.   … Carol Newmyer

Creatively Yours,
Margery E. Goldberg