Women Sculptors Bringing Balance with Humor

Women Sculptors Bringing Balance with Humor
Exhibit Dates:  June 15 -September 12, 2020
Opening Reception to Meet the Artists- To be Determined
1111 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington DC 20004
Featured Artists
: Jan Kirsh, Barbara Kobylinska, Cindy Winnick
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Without laughter, life would be intolerable. In fact, laughter is so important to us, there are professions dedicated to making people laugh! Our next exhibit offers art that might uplift our spirits. Presenting Jan Kirsh, Barbara Kobylinska and Cindy Winnick turn objects and ideas into something humorous. Using unconventional materials, these three women sculpt in humorous shapes by exaggerating forms.


Jan Kirsh is trained in ceramics, sculpture, design and photography. She turned first to landscape design, fulfilling a desire to work within the parameters of her environs. Kirsh is inspired to capture that vitality of natural forms. Like people and plants, her fruit and vegetable sculptures are alive with possibility. Their personalities are powerful. They want to jump up and run around the studio or settle in for a quiet conversation.

Barbara Kobylinska is influenced and inspired by Nature, a dominant factor in her artwork. Konylinska feels and expresses her deep admiration for nature’s wonders: organic, rich forms and abundant colors in her flower, bird, bug and animal sculptures. As adventurous and inventive, she works on mixed media animal series incorporating found objects and recycled metal pieces. Her “animal kingdom” series display her humor and imaginative whimsy interpretations of the natural world.

Cindy Winnick’s portrait and figure work are characterized by strong drawing skills honed by weekly work from the model. She uses a variety of media to create color and form.  In sculpture, she uses clay, plaster or cloth to form shapes that become figures.  She works similarly in paint – drawing, forming, adding and subtracting with the brush or palette knife.   

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