Hello and welcome to our new blog! In this blog, we hope you’ll find a range of resources and ideas to inspire you, provoke you, and possibly even transform you! Please consider sending the link for our blog to all your family, friends, business associates, and neighbors.

We welcome free-flowing discourse between…

the young and the young-at-heart,

the creator and the patron,

the artist who is just embarking on their career

and the seasoned professional,

and finally, the informed and the curious!


It is our intention to offer the following categories of content:

Meet Our Artist  

Each month, this page will feature a new artist, and will include a quick biography or resume, an artist’s statement, and examples of their art.  There will be a comments section, which will give our readers an opportunity for to connect with the artist, asking questions to learn more about what you find compelling. In this area, we offer our readers the chance to learn more about the artist’s process, their background, their themes, their medium, and their inspirations.

Something to Consider – Editorial  

Each month, this page will feature an editorial, relating the artistic process and art history to current events. The editorial will provide you with a bridge between the world of art and the world as a whole – topics might include: economics and finance, war and terrorism, social and cultural expectations for women, poverty and charity, politics and propaganda, environmentalism and recycling, or others.  We’ll include a comments section here, and may even be inspired by reader comments to respond in the next essay to what you think!

Resources & Tips for Artists  

Each month, Zenith Gallery will provide different resources, in the hopes of building an extensive menu for our artists. These will be archived, for easy reference from month to month.

Examples of resources might be –

  • “How To Frame Your Work for An Art Gallery”
  • “How to Price Your Work for an Art Gallery”
  • “How to Write an Artist’s Statement for a Potential Client and an Art Gallery”
  • “Sources for Free or Inexpensive Art Supplies”
  • “How to Label and Describe Your Work”

Opportunities for Artists  

Zenith Gallery will provide different opportunities for our artists, as part of our commitment to building and sustaining a supportive community of artists.  These will be archived, for easy reference from month to month.

Examples of opportunities might be –

  • “Upcoming Grants and Artist-in-Residence Programs”
  • “Upcoming Juried Show & Exhibit Opportunities”

Happy Birthday

  •  365 different artists: 365 days of art
  • See who shares your birthday!
  • Learn about a new artist each day!

Art in the News

  • Links to Current Art-Focused News and Events such as:
  • Museum Openings
  • Auctions
  • Stories about Thefts or Forgeries
  • Movies about Art
  • Famous Artists Who Have Passed Away etc.


Just for Fun

Whimsical, Cute, Fun, Silly Stuff – Jokes About Art, etc.