The Hope of Easter | The Power of Spring


Sunflower Greetings, by Suzy Scarborough

Dear Zenith Art Lovers,
As we approach these days of rebirth and renewal, being thankful for what we have and for those we love is especially important. Being surrounded by the beauty that mankind can create is uplifting and gives us hope.  
It may be time for man to take a backseat and let nature revive herself. We cannot endlessly violate our environment and expect it to keep sustaining us. From the beginning of time we have seen the wrath of Mother Nature. What will it take to wake us up?   
More money is not the answer, more pollution, more human suffering brought about by our elected officials detaining people who are just trying to flee from more horrible choices, making people vote under stay at home orders to get a Republican Judge elected in Wisconsin.  Why would a religious leader and their state Republicans okay services on Easter when they know people will die? 
 The question is what it will take for us to wake up before it is too late. I fear for our children and their children, and what kind of earth are we leaving them. What principles are we leaving them… caging people? Do unto others as you would like them to do unto you. That is what I was taught. Is that so hard?  

This is not a contest, this is real life, our new reality. Let’s take the time to ponder what we all can do to make it better for the most at risk among us. To be a good neighbor, citizen, inhabitant of the planet earth. Healing is what the planet, world, people, animals, water, land and sea needs. Are you going to be part of the solution or the problem, this is your choice to make?