Unfolding by James Tormey


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Unfolding, by James Tormey, Oil on linen, 21.5” x 25.5” canvas size, 32” x 27.5” frame.

Tormey combines traditional subject matter with a contemporary interpretation, creating images of heroic proportions as light, reflected and transmitted, evokes clarity of vision and delight in the forms of the natural world. He says, “I offer paintings of simple, natural objects in sharp detail, painted in a larger-than-life scale. This arrests the viewer’s attention and raises his awareness to a higher level. In this state of increased sensitivity there is a keen appreciation of the natural world and the beauty to be found therein.”

James Tormey’s work has been shown in the U.S., Europe and Japan and are in many public and private collections.His work is found in the collections of:The Metropolitan Club, Chicago, IL; Harry and David Co., Oregon; General Mills Corp., MN; Ansor Corp., Madrid, Spain; Weightwatchers International; Superior Court Art Trust, Washington, DC.