Sculpture by Margery Goldberg & Sica

On display now through June 26, 2021
8000 Towers Crescent Drive, Tysons Corner, Virginia, 22182

Open Hours:  Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 7:00 pm

Visitor parking spaces are located at the front of the building with a “two (2) hour” daily maximum parking limit. Handicapped spaces are also located near the front entrance.

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Known for her dual roles as sculptor and art dealer, Margery Goldberg has contributed to the cultural fabric of Washington for over four decades as an entrepreneur, gallery owner, activist, artist, and mentor to hundreds of other artists.  In March 2010, she was twice recognized for her longstanding commitment to the arts community with the prestigious Mayor’s Arts Award in Excellence in Service to the Arts and Ward 4’s Exceptional Woman in the Arts Award for Outstanding Work in the Entrepreneurial Arts, awarded by Councilwoman Muriel Bowser.

In her words: “I love wood! For over fifty years my passion for the medium has not waned. I think of trees as our ancestors and family. They are our partners on this planet- without trees there would be no shelter, heat, books, habitat for our entire ecosystem and the air we breathe and no people. Each tree and the wood therein are unique, like humanity, no two are alike. The sensual nature of the materials is physically addictive and calming at the same time. Whether I carve a single piece in my grass series, laminate the wood for sculpture and furniture, carve and fabricate from logs, or combine with neon, like the ancient carvers I believe I enable the spirit of the wood to be released.”

Goldberg creates sculpture and sculptured furniture from combinations of cherry, maple, walnut, pear, Brazilian rosewood, mahogany, and many exotic other woods. She has created more than 450 pieces of sculptured furniture, sculpture, and neon art, now in private and public collections throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. In addition to showing her work in her own gallery, she has been featured in ten one-women shows in the Mid-Atlantic region and more than 40 group shows throughout the United States.

Sica sees her work as expressing both male and female elements within a lively tension. Pulling from opposite polls: negative and positive, space and form, inner and outer.  Inner forms may contradict the outer shape, suggesting a coming together of new elements that emerge from combustion.

In the artist’s words, “In the past I have been involved in the interplay of figures in their surrounding space and particularly have avoided prima-donnas or center stage soliloquies. Figures in environment, relating to each other or to their atmosphere, the round of daily involvement.  Now I see pregnant forms with inner meaning that seem to imply an urgency of delivery.  I see now that there is both the outer relationship between the self and the other and the relationship between the inner and the outer self.  A genie in a bottle.”

 A lifelong resident of New York, Sica has been represented by Zenith Gallery since its beginnings. Her work has been shown internationally and is in the collections of the Museum of Modern Art of the City of Paris, Victoria and Albert Museum, London, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, International World Bank, Washington, DC, Toledo Museum, Ohio, New York University, Brooklyn Museum, Bradford University, England, Miami Museum of Modern Art, Philip Morris Corporation, Los Angeles Museum, and the Carnegie Institute for World Peace.

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