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Joan Konkel – Dimensional Dialogue Reviewed in the Washington Post

Zenith Gallery 45th Anniversary Award, Mayor Bowser

DC Chamber of Commerce | Member Spotlight on Margery Goldberg
April 17, 2023

DC Downtown – Black Like Me | Spotlight on Zenith Gallery | April 8, 2023

THE WASHINGTON POST | BLACK LIKE ME – Black artists explore cultural issues, by Mark Jenkins 
April 7, 2023

THE WASHINGTON POST | 5 artists who harness the fleeting beauty of D.C.’s cherry blossoms | March 16, 2023


Virtual Talk with Joey Manlapaz An Artist’s Washington, DC: Turmoil in Ever-Changing Landscape

Incollect | Brian Kirk and Anne Marchand Make Magic at Zenith Gallery


FOX 5’s Gwen Tolbart visits Zenith’s exhibit, “Back to the Future – Robert C. Jackson”

Curtis Woody, Hyattsville Life & Times story about Hyattsville art in Library


CBS Canada Zenith Gallery REVIEW | La maison des arts de Margery Goldberg – YouTube

Black History Art Exhibit | WJLA |  Interview with Margery Goldberg

WTOP INTERVIEW | With Margery Goldberg | Betty White Unites!

FOX 5 DC NEW VIDEO | Zenith Gallery Celebrates Betty White’s 100th Birthday








MobileWoodshop Ribbon Cutting Event Press Release

New Art…New Wave: Ram Brisueno, Buzz Duncan, Bernie Houston | November 5 – December 4, 2021

Artist Profile: Nancy Frankel | HillRag, September 21, 2021

LET’S DANCE: Jackie Braitman & Joanathan Ribaillier | August 3 – November 21, 2021

Weight of the World – Kristine Mays | July 14 – September 3, 2021
REVIEWED In The Old Town Crier | by F. Lennox Campello

Reviewed in the Washington Post, March 25, 2021
Black History Is American History

News Nation | Art Gallery Owner, Margery Goldberg Weighs in On Hunter Biden Artwork


Reviewed in the Washington Post
Intimacy & Isolation – New Paintings by Bradley Stevens, December 26, 2020

Reviewed in the Wallstreet International Magazine, August 2020
Protesting Again | Black Lives Matter | Voting Rights

DC art scene veteran hosts gallery in her own home
While many are social distancing, one District resident is inviting more people into her home-turned-gallery, By Grace George | Tuesday, September 15, 2020

WSI Magazine: Artists Doing The Right Thing! Protesting Again – Black Lives Matter, Voting Rights, Aug 19, 2020

THE DC LINE: Jonetta Rose Barras: COVID-19 and the arts — past and future — in DC, 06/04/2020

WASHINGTON CITY PAPER: Margery Goldberg’s Email Inspiration 6/2/2020



The Washington  Post- Zenith Comes of Age: 24 Years on Seventh Street, Review by Mark Jenkins

The DC Line- Art installation honors African-American military role during Civil War, Museum’s 20th anniversary celebration highlights art’s role in highlighting historical understanding, by Jason Williams

Washingtonian- How 14th Street Came Back, by Marisa M. Kashino

East City Arts-DC’s Alternative Art Source- DC Council Honors Margery E. Goldberg, by Editorial Team

The Washington Post- In the galleries: Zenith celebrates 40 years with two exhibitions in two spaces, by Mark Jenkins

The Georgetowner, Ins & Outs- Zenith Gallery Marks 40 Years in DC, by Selma Khenissi


October 31, 2017- The Hoya- Empowering Women through Art at the Zenith Gallery, by Maddie Finn

August 23, 2017- NBC News Channel 4 Washington – Resist- See Art inspired by the Women’s March on Washington DC at two D.C. venues, by Mark Jenkins

July 27, 2017- Metro Weekly- “Resist” at Zenith Gallery touches on democracy, science and women’s issues, Works interpret and reflect the state of world affairs, by Doug Rule  

April 13, 2017- The Washington Post- Rejuvenate with Art, Celebrating 39 Years-The Accent on the Positive…Let’s Celebrate, Review by Mark Jenkins

March 2017- The Washington Post- Creatively We Unite, Zenith Gallery, by Mark Jenkins

March 15, 2017- Wall Street International- Into the Woods Reviewed

February 6, 2017- NBC News Channel 4 Washington- Black History incorporated into Art in DC Gallery Exhibit, by Barbara Harrison


February 10, 2016, Washington Life Magazine- Around Town: Black History Month at Zenith Gallery, by Evan Berkowitz

January 8, 2016, The Washington Post- In the Galleries: Art History Slapstick, Stephen Hansen Reviewed, by Mark Jenkins


May 1, 2015, The Washington Post- Inspired by Their Homelands and Beyond, From Every Walk of Life: The Paintings of Davis Morton, by Mark Jenkins

July 22, 2015- Voice of America- Historic Symbol is Theme of Vibrant New Show, by Julie Taboh 

March 5, 2015, The Hill Rag, Art and the City- Cassie Taggart: Artist’s Profile, by Jim Magner

January 9, 2015, Washington Post- Peter Kephart: Setting the World on Fire – Using Heat to Create Several Kinds of Artworks, by Mark Jenkins


November 28, 2014- The Washington Post- Joan Konkel- Master of Illusion, by Mark Jenkins

November 20, 2014, DCIST- The Best Galleries And Art Collections In D.C., by Nicole Dubowitz

August 15, 2014, The Washington Post- Passion of the Media, Review by Mark Jenkins

August 8, 2014, The Washington Post- Zenith Zoo, by Mark Jenkins

February 21, 2014, The Washington Post- The Powerful Strokes of Robert Freeman, Review by Mark Jenkins 

March 5, 2014, The Hill Rag, Art and the City– Artist Profile: Cassie Taggart, by Jim Magner

February 3, 2014, The Hill Rag, Art and the City- Artist Portrait: Robert Freeman, by Jim Magner

2012-2013 | PRESS & REVIEWS

October 2, 2013, The Hill Rag, Art and the City- Artist Portrait: Richard Fitzhugh, by Jim Magner

November 15, 2012, The Washington Post- Galleries: Pristine canvas meets destruction in Peter Kephart’s Fire Paintings, by Mark Jenkins

February 12, 2012- The Washington Post- Downtown Art gets an out-of-office message, by Mark Jenkins

2010-2011 | PRESS & REVIEWS

October 27, 2011- The Washington Post- Industrial-age skills and sensibilities take center stage in ‘Shining Stars’, by Mark Jenkins

August 4, 2010- The Washington Post- Characters of Chevy Chase, Local Color Showcase Hometown Artists, by Mark Jenkins

Margery E. Goldberg to Be Honored for Contribution to the Arts — March 15, 2010

May 11, 2010- April’s ART(202) Journal highlights the winners of the 2010 Mayor’s Arts Awards

March 28, 2010- The DC Arts- Mayor’s Arts Award for Service to the Arts: Margery E. Goldberg, Animation by Armando Lopez Bircann Video by Chris Keener

Mar 17, 2010- DC Commission On the Arts and Humanities- ART(202) Journal: The Community, Published by Issue


February 14, 2009, The Washington Examiner- Zenith Gallery’s closing leaves a hole in city’s soul, by Harry Jaffe

March 13, 2009, Washington Post- Everything from A to Zenith: An Eclectic Venue Calls It Quits, by Jessica Dawson