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HOWARD UNIV NEWS: DC gallery honors Black History Month with local artist spotlight

“Awareness- Through an African American Lens” | Reviewed in the Washington Informer

Good Morning Washington Channel 7
Celebrating Black History Month at Zenith Gallery!
Interview with Margery Goldberg, and “AWARENESS” exhibition artists
Fox 5 DC’s Gwen Tolbart – February 8, 2024 | Zenith Gallery in Washington DC
nterview with Margery Goldberg and “AWARENESS” exhibition artists

Gallery Owner, ZCAF Nonprofit founder, and Wood Sculptor, Margery Goldberg in Washington DC, has been deeply involved in the city’s arts community for decades. She also runs a non-profit aimed at teaching woodworking skills to DC residents.


Ram Briusueno – Young Mornings | Reviewed in the Washington Post

Three Graces-Mitzi Bernard, Marija Djakovic, Barbara Baron Rubin | Review in The Washington Post-1

Joan Konkel – Dimensional Dialogue Reviewed in the Washington Post

Zenith Gallery 45th Anniversary Award, Mayor Bowser

DC Chamber of Commerce | Member Spotlight on Margery Goldberg

DC Downtown – Black Like Me | Spotlight on Zenith Gallery | April 8, 2023

THE WASHINGTON POST | BLACK LIKE ME – Black artists explore cultural issues, by Mark Jenkins 

THE WASHINGTON POST | 5 artists who harness the fleeting beauty of D.C.’s cherry blossoms | March 16, 2023


Virtual Talk with Joey Manlapaz An Artist’s Washington, DC: Turmoil in Ever-Changing Landscape

Incollect | Brian Kirk and Anne Marchand Make Magic at Zenith Gallery


FOX 5’s Gwen Tolbart visits Zenith’s exhibit, “Back to the Future – Robert C. Jackson”

Curtis Woody, Hyattsville Life & Times story about Hyattsville art in Library


CBS Canada Zenith Gallery REVIEW | La maison des arts de Margery Goldberg – YouTube

Black History Art Exhibit | WJLA |  Interview with Margery Goldberg

WTOP INTERVIEW | With Margery Goldberg | Betty White Unites!

FOX 5 DC NEW VIDEO | Zenith Gallery Celebrates Betty White’s 100th Birthday








MobileWoodshop Ribbon Cutting Event Press Release

New Art…New Wave: Ram Brisueno, Buzz Duncan, Bernie Houston | November 5 – December 4, 2021

Artist Profile: Nancy Frankel | HillRag, September 21, 2021

LET’S DANCE: Jackie Braitman & Joanathan Ribaillier | August 3 – November 21, 2021

Weight of the World – Kristine Mays | July 14 – September 3, 2021
REVIEWED In The Old Town Crier | by F. Lennox Campello

Reviewed in the Washington Post, March 25, 2021
Black History Is American History

News Nation | Art Gallery Owner, Margery Goldberg Weighs in On Hunter Biden Artwork


Reviewed in the Washington Post
Intimacy & Isolation – New Paintings by Bradley Stevens, December 26, 2020

Reviewed in the Wallstreet International Magazine, August 2020
Protesting Again | Black Lives Matter | Voting Rights

DC art scene veteran hosts gallery in her own home
While many are social distancing, one District resident is inviting more people into her home-turned-gallery, By Grace George | Tuesday, September 15, 2020

WSI Magazine: Artists Doing The Right Thing! Protesting Again – Black Lives Matter, Voting Rights, Aug 19, 2020

THE DC LINE: Jonetta Rose Barras: COVID-19 and the arts — past and future — in DC, 06/04/2020

WASHINGTON CITY PAPER: Margery Goldberg’s Email Inspiration 6/2/2020



The Washington  Post- Zenith Comes of Age: 24 Years on Seventh Street, Review by Mark Jenkins

The DC Line- Art installation honors African-American military role during Civil War, Museum’s 20th anniversary celebration highlights art’s role in highlighting historical understanding, by Jason Williams

Washingtonian- How 14th Street Came Back, by Marisa M. Kashino

East City Arts-DC’s Alternative Art Source- DC Council Honors Margery E. Goldberg, by Editorial Team

The Washington Post- In the galleries: Zenith celebrates 40 years with two exhibitions in two spaces, by Mark Jenkins

The Georgetowner, Ins & Outs- Zenith Gallery Marks 40 Years in DC, by Selma Khenissi


October 31, 2017- The Hoya- Empowering Women through Art at the Zenith Gallery, by Maddie Finn

August 23, 2017- NBC News Channel 4 Washington – Resist- See Art inspired by the Women’s March on Washington DC at two D.C. venues, by Mark Jenkins

July 27, 2017- Metro Weekly- “Resist” at Zenith Gallery touches on democracy, science and women’s issues, Works interpret and reflect the state of world affairs, by Doug Rule  

April 13, 2017- The Washington Post- Rejuvenate with Art, Celebrating 39 Years-The Accent on the Positive…Let’s Celebrate, Review by Mark Jenkins

March 2017- The Washington Post- Creatively We Unite, Zenith Gallery, by Mark Jenkins

March 15, 2017- Wall Street International- Into the Woods Reviewed

February 6, 2017- NBC News Channel 4 Washington- Black History incorporated into Art in DC Gallery Exhibit, by Barbara Harrison


February 10, 2016, Washington Life Magazine- Around Town: Black History Month at Zenith Gallery, by Evan Berkowitz

January 8, 2016, The Washington Post- In the Galleries: Art History Slapstick, Stephen Hansen Reviewed, by Mark Jenkins


May 1, 2015, The Washington Post- Inspired by Their Homelands and Beyond, From Every Walk of Life: The Paintings of Davis Morton, by Mark Jenkins

July 22, 2015- Voice of America- Historic Symbol is Theme of Vibrant New Show, by Julie Taboh 

March 5, 2015, The Hill Rag, Art and the City- Cassie Taggart: Artist’s Profile, by Jim Magner

January 9, 2015, Washington Post- Peter Kephart: Setting the World on Fire – Using Heat to Create Several Kinds of Artworks, by Mark Jenkins


November 28, 2014- The Washington Post- Joan Konkel- Master of Illusion, by Mark Jenkins

November 20, 2014, DCIST- The Best Galleries And Art Collections In D.C., by Nicole Dubowitz

August 15, 2014, The Washington Post- Passion of the Media, Review by Mark Jenkins

August 8, 2014, The Washington Post- Zenith Zoo, by Mark Jenkins

February 21, 2014, The Washington Post- The Powerful Strokes of Robert Freeman, Review by Mark Jenkins 

March 5, 2014, The Hill Rag, Art and the City– Artist Profile: Cassie Taggart, by Jim Magner

February 3, 2014, The Hill Rag, Art and the City- Artist Portrait: Robert Freeman, by Jim Magner

2012-2013 | PRESS & REVIEWS

October 2, 2013, The Hill Rag, Art and the City- Artist Portrait: Richard Fitzhugh, by Jim Magner

November 15, 2012, The Washington Post- Galleries: Pristine canvas meets destruction in Peter Kephart’s Fire Paintings, by Mark Jenkins

February 12, 2012- The Washington Post- Downtown Art gets an out-of-office message, by Mark Jenkins

2010-2011 | PRESS & REVIEWS

October 27, 2011- The Washington Post- Industrial-age skills and sensibilities take center stage in ‘Shining Stars’, by Mark Jenkins

August 4, 2010- The Washington Post- Characters of Chevy Chase, Local Color Showcase Hometown Artists, by Mark Jenkins

Margery E. Goldberg to Be Honored for Contribution to the Arts — March 15, 2010

May 11, 2010- April’s ART(202) Journal highlights the winners of the 2010 Mayor’s Arts Awards

March 28, 2010- The DC Arts- Mayor’s Arts Award for Service to the Arts: Margery E. Goldberg, Animation by Armando Lopez Bircann Video by Chris Keener

Mar 17, 2010- DC Commission On the Arts and Humanities- ART(202) Journal: The Community, Published by Issue


February 14, 2009, The Washington Examiner- Zenith Gallery’s closing leaves a hole in city’s soul, by Harry Jaffe

March 13, 2009, Washington Post- Everything from A to Zenith: An Eclectic Venue Calls It Quits, by Jessica Dawson