Official Portraiture of Bradley Stevens

Artist, Bradley Stevens with Judge Emmet G. Sullivan at the unveiling of his portrait.

Dear Zenith Friends,
I have never met him, but I can honestly say I love Judge Sullivan. He is the poster child for an independent Judiciary. The opposite of what the head of the Senate dragged the Senators back to DC to do, which was to confirm partisan judges. Not to work on the Covid pandemic, but to confirm right wing Judges.
Judge Sullivan was appointed to the bench by three different Presidents. Two Republican and one democrat. In 1984 President Ronald Reagan appointed him to the Superior Court of the District of Columbia. President George HW Bush appointed him in 1992 as an Associate Judge to the District Court of Appeals, and in 1994 President Bill Clinton appointed Judge Sullivan to the Federal Bench. After AG Barr asked for the case against Michael Flynn to be dropped this is what Judge Sullivan did. U.S.Judge puts Justice Department’s move to drop charges against Michael Flynn on hold. He is asking for amicus briefs from relevant parties.
Bradley Stevens is the go-to portrait artist and historical copyist for the Smithsonian, Congress, and more. He did a fabulous portrait of the Connecticut Compromise for the Senate meeting room. (See below) You must have a certain personality to do this kind of work and Bradley has all those characteristics.
In Bradley Stevens’ words: “One of the most rewarding aspects of being a portrait painter is having the opportunity to meet interesting and talented people from all walks of life. Often, the intense collaboration between artist and subject leads to lasting friendships.
My work with many judges in various courts is no exception. Painting the portrait of a judge, federal or otherwise, is a daunting (and intimidating) prospect. Yet, all the judges whose portrait I have had the honor to paint, have overwhelmed me with their warmth, humor and engaging spirit–not to mention their impressive intellect. My job is to look beyond those black robes and try to capture the whole person, with all their accomplishments and humanity.” 
We are proud to share with you a few of these extraordinary portraits.  
Creatively yours,
Margery E. Goldberg

‘The Presidents from Virginia’ original composition, 60″ x 108″, oil on linen, collection of University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA

Thomas Jefferson, Edgehill Portrait, original and copy, collection of the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery, Washington, D.C.

George Washington, Lansdowne Portrait, copy after Gilbert Stuart, oil on linen, collection of Mount Vernon, Alexandria, VA