Let’s Dance: Joanathan Ribaillier

Let’s Dance: Jackie Braitman & Joanathan Ribaillier
Exhibit Dates: August 3, 2021 – February 12, 2022
At 1111 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington DC 20004

Joanathan Ribaillier moved to the District of Columbia from France, where he was born and grew up. He currently works with antique maps (from roughly 1920 to 1970) which he uses because of their color and texture but also because, they symbolize the roads people travel and their journeys and struggles for a better life. He uses maps as his medium because he spent his childhood around these objects in Lyon’s largest flea market where his family members had stands. As an immigrant working in Washington D.C., he brings a unique multicultural perspective to projects. “My work presently consists of cutting portraits and other images into several maps and layering them to create depth and texture with the geographic specificities of each map.”    Press release