Dress for the Season Of Joy

Zenith Gallery Presents:

Dress for the Season Of Joy

Wearable Art Designer Giselle Shepatin

Exhibit Dates: October 11 – October 26, 2019

1429 Iris St NW, Washington DC 20012

“I find myself focusing on the beauty we share, the love we desire to give and to receive, the nurturing of what we find important, and the desire to dress for and to delight ourselves with the whimsey. This is the inspiration behind all my designs and especially for this season I see and hear people sharing admiration for the beauty of the fabric and design. I am inspired by the fabrics I search for and find, and then make the patterns according to the drape of the fabric. The process feeds me. I am rejuvenated, excited and want to share my new collections with you. Thank you for the opportunity to keep designing and dressing all of you. It is a great joy I have in this life!”