Character of Chevy Chase

Zenith Gallery at Chevy Chase Pavilion
July 20–September 10, 2011

Kim Abraham, Harmon Biddle, Deborah Brisker Burk, Carol Gellner Levin, Joan Samworth

Press release

Kim Abraham has been painting feelings of place since his early childhood and connection to the red dirt of Georgia. He has shown his work since the early 1980s in solo and group shows throughout the mid-Atlantic, Texas, Wisconsin, Louisiana, North Carolina and Lithuania, and his paintings are held in private collections Washington state, Georgia,Texas, Maine, England and other regions. He received his MFA from the University of Pennsylvania, and also studied at Showhegan School of Painting and sculpture in Maine.

Harmon Biddle has been transforming two-dimensional works into three dimensional Murano Glass since 2007 through her participation in a project conceived by Adriano Berengo in Venice, Italy where she works with the Master Glass Maker and his staff. She has been exhibiting her work since 1997, showing both her original paintings and limited edition archival prints.

An award-winning artist, Deborah Brisker Burk has been creating art since childhood, working in a broad range of media including sculpture, pottery, printmaking, oil, watercolor, acrylic, collage. She has been featured in numerous galleries, collections and international exhibitions in the U.S., Israel, Canada, Russia, Egypt, and India, and holds graduate and undergraduate degrees in art from GWU. Burk juries shows in the DC metropolitan area and teaches workshops in her studio and abroad.

A clinical social worker turned sculptor, Carol Gellner Levin been working in a variety of media, from clay and bronze to various casting materials, shaping people and animals, sometimes together and often interacting with one another. Recently, she has been experimenting with mixed-media pieces, adding burlap, nails, glue, paint, glass, string, packing peanuts…all combined to form works of real and imagined animals. She has shown her work in galleries in New York, the mid-Atlantic region, North and South Carolina, Illinois and places in between. She holds an MA from the University of Chicago, a BA from Indiana University and has studied at the Corcoran School of Art.

Joan Samworth has been exhibiting her work in juried, solo and group shows in galleries in the Washington area, New York, Louisiana and beyond since the late 1980’s, while also teaching privately and in numerous schools in the area, including but not limited to posts as a Corcoran Art/Reach instructor, and at the Seed School, Strathmore Center Summer camps and many other art schools.  She attended the Maryland Institute of Art and Montgomery College, and studied with plein air painter Skip Lawrence (watercolor) and Richard McKinley (pastels).