Awareness: Through an African American Lens

Show Dates: February 2 – March 2, 2024
At 1429 Iris Street NW, Washington DC, 20012
Featuring Artists: Doba Afolabi, Ram Brisueno, Sheryll Cashin, Julee Dickerson-Thompson, Bulsby “Buzz” Duncan, Cheryl Edwards, Francine Haskins, Bernie Houston, Hubert Jackson, Qrcky, and Curtis Woody.

Press Release


HOWARD UNIV NEWS: DC gallery honors Black History Month with local artist spotlight

Fox 5 DC’s Gwen Tolbart interview with Margery Goldberg,
And artists Ram Brisueno, Sheryll Cashin, Julee Dickerson-Thompson, and Bulsby “Buzz” Duncan about their contributions to this important exhibit.

Good Morning Washington Channel 7
Celebrating Black History Month at Zenith Gallery!
Interview with Margery Goldberg, and “AWARENESS” exhibition artists: Cheryl Edwards, Sheryll Cashin, and Bulsby “Buzz” Duncan.