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Nancy Nesvet and Larry Ringgold

Meet the Artists & Artists Talk: Friday October 18 5-8 PM &Sunday October 20 2-5 PM, 2019
Closing Reception: Saturday November 16, 2-5pm
Show dates:October 18-November 16, 2019
1429 Iris St NW, Washington DC 20012

Nancy Nesvet’s photographs and paintings of endangered animals and disintegrating structures, both natural and man-made, inhabit her beautiful but threatened world. An ecofeminist, her concern with warming seas and human efforts to destroy the environment for present and future generations of people, animals, flora and fauna pervade her paintings and photographs. The ephemerality of her visions of land and sea match the possibility of global devastation. Amid the present emphasis on the consequences of global warming on our planet, this work is not only beautiful, but current and important.

Larry Ringgold’s sculptures of endangered species result from what he calls “an equal alliance of creativity and craftsmanship”. These sculptures, made from driftwood washed up on the beaches after often devastating storms, stand witness to the effects of global warming, shrinking ice caps and glaciers that daily disappear from our world, stranding species and eventually, ourselves. Larry Ringgold’s whales, birds and other animals, made from age-old cedar and locust wood show the universal skeletal underpinnings of living things that unite us all, emphasizing a common effort to preserve our environment and all life on earth.

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