Earth Day 2020

Artists are activists! They know how to make much out of little. From the first Cave Painters to the artists of today we make art about climate, politics, religion, pain, glory, and everything that comes into our minds. Artists tell the story of not only our planet but beyond our solar system into the universe.

“Lascaux” by Stephen Hansen


Art knows no boundaries; we care about all people in every walk of life.  We convey the entire range of emotions from despair to exaltation. We embrace our differences and take joy in each other’s accomplishments. We want our planet to thrive with all of it’s creatures, large and small. Artists understand we are all in this together. We will succeed together, or we will fail together. We heed the wisdom of Mother Nature while we understand we are not the ultimate authority.

If it is not obvious to everyone by now that this planet can do very well without mankind then look around. You can see that the sky and water are cleaner than they have been in decades. We have lowered our carbon emissions by 5% for the first time ever, and this is only three months into what this pandemic has showed us. China’s carbon emmissions are now lower by 18%.  
It takes an open heart to be an artist. Artists would just think it if they did not want to share. It takes time, energy, effort, skill, creativity and, not to mention being able to live an unpredictable lifestyle often not knowing when you’ll get paid next.
Over the years of owning a gallery, being an artist, and running a nonprofit, countless people have said how they envy my being able to do this for a living, and I believe them. When people retire they turn their interest to creating art and crafts. Being an artist is something you are, not something you choose. Creativity is good for the soul and seeing the fruits of your labor is exceedingly gratifying.

My message today is to find the artist in yourself. Please  respect the awesome powers of mother nature, love one another and all of G-d’s creatures and let’s all do our part to make earth healthy again. This is the only planet we have,  be kind to Mother Nature, and she will be kind back. We have seen her wrath; she is way more powerful than we are. 

“Ascent of Man” by Reuben Neugass