Doba Afolabi

Doba Afolabi, as he prefers to be called due to his lengthy African name, was known by his full name Adedeji
Adedoba Afolabi while he studied at Ahmadu Bello University Nigeria. While there, he caught with the spirit of
the Zaria Art Avant Garde called the ‘Zaria Rebels’, a style of the famous Zaria art school where he graduated
with Bachelors of Art.

Afolabi worked as a graphic artist with the British overseas development of the UN and taught at Yaba College
of technology in Lagos, Nigeria prior to his coming to New York. His success at several exhibitions and the
academics propelled his momentum. His ‘Women’s Day’ won a regional poster project with the WHO and it was
placed at several centers around the country and beyond.

He is proud of his first Solo exhibition called ‘Buffalo Soldier,’ in 1999, at the art district of North East Miami,
Florida because of the introduction of his ‘American godfather and benefactor, Professor Joseph Mcnair.
Additionally, several other shows curated by Ludlow Bailey Asmar at B Art Gallery that launched his fame
among the scholars thereby initiating him as a relevant force at the annual Black History Month art shows at the
Florida International University. Doba later extended his tents far and wide enough to be recognized at the
popular 2001 Brooklyn Fulton Art Fair by his mentor and spiritual father, Otto Neal.

His fame continued to soar among notable galleries after working briefly at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in
New York and the City of Human Resources preceding several exhibit features alongside the art’s biggest
galleries especially at the Great Old Dorsey Gallery that produced the likes of Romare Bearden, Otto Neal, and
Dr Ojo. This connects him with Emmit Wigglesworth, Danny Simons and many other art icons in New York.
Afolabi has been one of the notable official artists of Soul Basel Art Africa Miami, and he is well known to the city
of Miami Dade County Tourism where his piece served as a page headline for Basel Visitors Directory.
He was hailed in rousing accolades while he performed live painting to the admiration of hundreds of dignitaries
at Miami Dade Chamber of Commerce Gala Night in the Hilton Hotel on Biscayne Ballroom Miami where he was
invited as the official artist.

There has been a series of media coverage on Afolabi’s work from the Miami Herald to the Washington Post
through his major handler in Washington DC, Zenith Gallery. They sold his work “Washington Jam” to
Washington DC Art Bank. Afolabi was inducted lately as a selected artist in Department of State, Art in
Embassies Program, where his piece “MidDay Market I” has been transported to the American Embassy in
Guinea for an art show, while his ongoing art shows can be viewed in Amsterdam Whitney Gallery in New York.
Several Galleries from New York to the UK, Africa, to the Middle East and beyond bear the works of Doba
Afolabi, who is noted among prominent artists in Brooklyn. The record of contemporary artists in the African
Diaspora will always include Afolabi’s works which have been at popular auctions like Tom Joyner, AMREF
USA, Artsy online, Empire show through Gallery Guichard in Chicago, and a couple of others. He has been
mentioned among artists like Derrick Adams, Toyin Odutola, Danny Simons, Wangeshi Mutu and other
prominent Afro contemporaries. One of his biggest accomplishments, according to him, has been the acquisition
of his two major pieces that are 12 feet apiece, collected by One United Bank California.

1992 Ahmadu Bello University Zaria Nigeria B.A Painting
1985 University Of Ife (Adeyemi College) Nigeria National certificate in Education
Amsterdam Whitney Gallery, Chelsea New York
USA Department of State Art in Embassy show Guinea Conackry
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