Cherry Blossoms in Washington DC

“The Old Guard” by Patricia Skinner

Spring has sprung. The parks are open and nothing is more refreshing than going for a walk in Rock Creek Park or visiting the Tidal Basin and walking along the Tow Path. We can still be outdoors and take a breath. Let’s all put down our electronic devices and enjoy our environments, whether it be inside or out. And while many of us are confined, Zenith brings the cherry blossoms to you!  At peak time they are one of Washington’s most well known icons.
Our artists Elizabeth Ashe, Julie and Ken Girardini, Patricia Skinner and Bradley Stevens do just that. One day soon we will be able to have art with aroma so we can smell them. For now, just use your imagination and breath in these incredible works of art.

“Beyond the Jefferson” by Ken Girardini

Having my main gallery in my home allows my spirit to soar. The creativity of the artists gives me hope for the future. They can come up with images and mediums that no other artist has ever developed. The Girardini’s do this all the time as they continually amaze with their innovative techniques. Patricia Skinner and Bradly Stevens paint realistic scenes. Patricia uses an unusual technique that combines pastels on sandpaper. Bradley Stevens can, and does, paint everything. From being the foremost copyist of Gilbert Stuart’s work, to painting incredible portraits of some of the most famous people of all time, Stevens is a versatile artist versed in both modern and classical tradition and technique (more about that in future posts). His Museum Studies series (we will be exhibiting more of this year) draws inspiration and subject from the walls and interiors of famous museums. His copies of iconic masterpieces demonstrate his virtuosity in ways the masters may not have been able to… miniaturized and with skewed, sideways perspective. But, of all his incredible talents I would say his understanding of the light is his most superior quality.
Elizabeth Ashe is versatile as well, and creates sculpture, painting, photography and mixed media artworks and, to top it all off, Liz is a culinary artist deserving of a distinction as such!

“Blossom Path” by Bradley Stevens

“Floating Blossoms” by Julie Girardini

“Japanese Pagoda” by Elizabeth Ashe

We are still open on an appointment basis and we can make house calls. We think of ourselves as the old fashion doctor that makes house call, we come and cure your “art ills”. We still have regular hours, 12-6 Wednesday through Saturday, but please call first. (202-783-2963) The Zenith Sculpture Space at 1111 Pennsylvania Avenue is open regular hours to show our wonderful show, Carved in Stone Painted in light.
Being home a lot, you may want to enhance your environment with some inspiring and stimulating art. You can even send us images of your home and we can insert images into your walls so you can tell what the art looks like without ever leaving your home. Art is like a good relationship… it should grow better over time. We hope you are enjoying our art feast!