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The 19th Amendment & Ratification | VOTE 2020


Suffrage is very personal to me. Coming from Rochester New York I stand in the footsteps of legends like Susan B. Anthony and Frederick Douglass.  “I declare to you that woman must not depend upon the protection of man, but must be taught to protect herself, and there I take my stand. There never will… Read more »

JULY 4th ~ 2020

Suzanne Brennan Firstenberg Art

Independence Day What is Independence Day? Is independence freedom? Does independence mean freedom? Are we free? What does that even mean? Who is independent? How long does it take to receive freedom? We still do not have freedom when Black people are walking down the street and getting stopped for no good reason whatsoever and… Read more »

Honoring Juneteenth 2020

Juneteenth Over the centuries and millenniums freedom has come with a huge cost. Not the least of which is human lives. When you grow up Jewish you are quite aware of those costs. My family took Freedom for All very seriously. In high school I wrote reports on the evils of Apartheid.   My first… Read more »

What Father’s Day means to me

My Grandfather's House

To me, every day was Father’s Day! Daddy’s girl, that is me. Most people who know me know that I worshiped the ground my father walked on. When they handed out fathers I was given the Rolls Royce edition. I cannot imagine growing up without a father – he taught me so much. He was… Read more »


Resistance and Protest Everyday since “not my president” took office we have said how it can get worse, now we say everyday it will get worse. Mother Nature certainly has her hand in this. Last night lightning hit the Washington Monument. during a thunderstorm. The world’s largest free-flying American flag has been ripped in half… Read more »


Resistance and Protest This is the American way; this country was founded by protestors. Now our President backed by his gang of imbecilic and corrupt monsters, encouraged by the pathetic and repugnant Congressional Republicans and stacked courts continue to undermine our Democracy and Rule of law. Artists have taken up the cause for as long… Read more »

You are not alone

We have two crises in this country One is the Covid pandemic, ignored for months by lack of presidential leadership and ultimately left to the governors to handle, some extremely competent and others not. This pandemic has had a secondary effect as it has ripped the scab off the skin of racism in all forms… Read more »

One hundred thousand Souls

Art and Humanity Zenith Gallery is a large family of artists, clients, patrons. friends, and employees, current and former. Most artists are empathic by very nature, and this pandemic hurts to the core. It is testing our humanity on so many levels. Do we care enough to wear a mask? By their actions each person… Read more »


Memorial Day- Laura Taylor We are proud to represent Laura Taylor, Petty Officer First Class US Navy. Laura stays continually active with Veterans groups and she loves painting portraits of Veterans. Laura exemplifies the wide range of Americans that serve and have served in the US Military. She approaches her art with the same determination… Read more »


Memory Day and the Constitution This is what our Veterans, current military, and first responders dedicate their lives to. Now as Americans we need to dedicate ourselves to a free and fair election. Some countries fine people for not voting, and I am all for that. Why would you not vote, or fill out the… Read more »


Dear Zenith Art Lovers, According to it is unclear where exactly the Memorial Day tradition of commemoratiin our fallen soldiers originated. Numerous different communities that may have independently initiated the memorial gatherings are cited – some records showing that one of the earliest Memorial Day commemoration was organized by a group of freed slaves… Read more »

Jennifer Wagner Mosaics

It is Spring and we are all cleaning and refurbishing our homes. Our artist, Jennifer Wagner, can do so much to brighten up different spots in your home, both indoor and out. She can even work with your children on the project. Does your shower need a freshen up, your kitchen backsplash,  or an outside… Read more »

Official Portraiture of Bradley Stevens

Dear Zenith Friends, I have never met him, but I can honestly say I love Judge Sullivan. He is the poster child for an independent Judiciary. The opposite of what the head of the Senate dragged the Senators back to DC to do, which was to confirm partisan judges. Not to work on the Covid… Read more »

Mother’s Day Rembered

Dear Zenith Friends, Mother’s Day. What do Mothers want the most? To see their children happy, healthy, successful, fulfilled, engaged in life.They want grandchildren, but probably should not ask when! They want to be with their family no matter how large or small. Now this is the hard part given our current situation. Some cannot… Read more »

Birds and Bees

Dear Zenith Art Lovers: No this is not about the talk (we have with our children). I am blessed – my property is filled with birds and bees. We can learn so much from them. For many years I had two birds’ nests under my deck by the outside of my woodshop before I converted… Read more »

Happy Birthday Margery Goldberg

  70 YEARS ON THE PLANET | 42 YEARS OF ZENITH GALLERY | 20 YEARS OF ZCAF Dear Zenith Friends, I was born in Rochester NY May 3, 1950. Great parents and a wonderful childhood afforded me opportunities to become me. At the age of four I attended my first dance class and by 10… Read more »

Where the wild things are

THE WILD AND WONDERFUL    Sculpture of Larry Ringgold Dear Zenith Art Lovers, Spring planting, Maypoles, flower baskets and Mother Nature. These are some of the things that the month of May brings to mind. I choose to write about Larry Ringgold who uses driftwood to create incredible animals, fish, birds, trees and more. He… Read more »

The Fabric of our Lives

TEXTILE ART    The Fabric of our Lives Dear Zenith Art Lovers, I always find it remarkable the different ways artists use their materials. Fiber, cloth, wool, can be woven, appliqued, dyed quilted, deconstructed, and patch-worked. These incredibly talented artists show many ways that fiber and cloth can be used to make art. Each of… Read more »

Arbor Day 2020

  Trees are a Symbol of Life Arbor Day; Arbor Day is an annual observance that celebrates the role of trees in our lives and promotes tree planting and care. As a formal holiday it was first observed in 1872, in Nebraska, but tree planting festivals are as old as civilization. The tree has appeared… Read more »

Earth Day 2020

Artists are activists! They know how to make much out of little. From the first Cave Painters to the artists of today we make art about climate, politics, religion, pain, glory, and everything that comes into our minds. Artists tell the story of not only our planet but beyond our solar system into the universe…. Read more »

Emancipation Day | Hubert Jackson

Dear Zenith Art Lovers, April 16th is Emancipation Day in the District of Columbia. In honor of the day we are delighted to present the art of Hubert Jackson whose paintings document the history of Civil War battle grounds in his home state of Virginia, where many African Americans also fought and died. Hubert has… Read more »

Art for the Sake of Depth and Meaning

The Zenith Gallery has proudly represented the work of Davis Morton for almost thirty years. One of my sayings about artistic inspiration is that you are only as good as your experiences and Davis has certainly had some extraordinary experiences. As a retired homicide detective with over twenty years on the Montgomery County Police Department,… Read more »

The Hope of Easter | The Power of Spring

THE POWER OF SPRING Dear Zenith Art Lovers, As we approach these days of rebirth and renewal, being thankful for what we have and for those we love is especially important. Being surrounded by the beauty that mankind can create is uplifting and gives us hope.   It may be time for man to take… Read more »

Passover Wishes – What’s Your Wish?

Dear Zenith Art Lovers, Passover is a Jewish holiday that celebrates the Israelite being freed from slavery in Egypt. It is observed for seven or eight days (depending on where you are located), and during the first two nights, Passover is celebrated with a home ritual known as the Passover Seder. The Seder (which means… Read more »

History – Heritage – Connection – Spirit – Family Tree

Like so many of our Zenith Gallery artists, Curtis Woody has developed his own technique and style. He capture’s events and people throughout history. With our new reliance on, and appreciation of family, along with time on your hands now might be a good time to commission your own family tree! Giclée prints can be… Read more »

Repurposed propane tanks

Dear Zenith Art Lovers, Our theme of artists who use discarded materials to repurpose them for the greater good continues. Do you realize that most of the world heats with Propane? I did not. I grew up in a suburb and then moved to Washington DC.  It wasn’t until I visited a rural community in… Read more »

Art and Science Matter

Image left: “Dark Matter” by Anne Marchand – Dark matter is a form of matter thought to account for approximately 85% of the matter in the universe and about a quarter of its total energy density. Image right: “Lagrange Point One” by Ken Girardini – In celestial mechanics, the Lagrange points are the points near… Read more »

Women’s History Month in the Arts | Paula Stern

Happy Birthday Paula! I know Paula Stern as a wonderful sculptor, but she sure got here by an unusual route. The Honorable Paula Stern, Ph.D., is both artist and business woman and so much more. She is former chairwoman of the United States International Trade Commission. She was first named as a commissioner by President Jimmy Carter in… Read more »

Women’s History Month in the Arts | Kristine Mays

Dear Zenith Art Lovers, Adding Kristine Mays to our list of represented artists is such an honor, and she herself has had many honors as you will read.  Kristine found us in 2017 through our national competition for our show themed “Resistance” which we exhibited at Zenith and at many of the Busboys and Poets… Read more »

Women’s History Month in the Arts | Carolyn Goodridge

Dear Zenith Art Lovers, Carolyn Goodridge is an amazingly hardworking artist and art organizer. She not only creates enlightening art, but helps other artists present their art. Experimenting with the effects of applying the en-caustic medium to different working materials, including slate, glass, and panel, Carolyn creates an exquisitely luminous quality that help us to… Read more »

Women’s History Month in the Arts | Anne Marchand

Anne Marchand Youtube video Dear Zenith Art Lovers,  For 42 years I have known Anne Marchand. She arrived as one of the first occupants at Zenith Square in around 1978 in the carriage house that was Zenith Gallery’s first home. Anne has made her career as an artist and art teacher, but mostly as an… Read more »

Women’s History Month in the Arts | Joan Konkel

Dear Zenith Art Lovers    Zenith Gallery has had a long history with Joan Konkel.  During the 1980s Joan was a wearable art designer and we showed and sold her unique clothing though our wearable art fashion shows. A decade went by and I had not heard from Joan, until one day I received an… Read more »

A Healthy Dose of Humor

Dear Zenith Art Lovers  Today we are bringing you art activate your sense of humor, so needed during these challenging times. Below are quotes from famous and not so famous people throughout history, but first here is some information on our artists. Caroline Benchetrit’s narrative style “is inspired by a world without rules, where joy… Read more »

Cherry Blossoms in Washington DC

Spring has sprung. The parks are open and nothing is more refreshing than going for a walk in Rock Creek Park or visiting the Tidal Basin and walking along the Tow Path. We can still be outdoors and take a breath. Let’s all put down our electronic devices and enjoy our environments, whether it be… Read more »

Black Classicisms in the Visual Arts

Originally published at Society for Classical Studies By Nina Papathanasopoulou | Jan 23, 2020 In addition to presenting the latest research on Greco-Roman antiquity and the ancient Mediterranean, attendees at the SCS annual meeting have increasingly had the opportunity to discuss other important issues such as the history of Classics as a field; systemic concerns… Read more »