Suzy Scarborough

I begin each piece by creating a collage background of book pages from various sources. Using late nineteenth century and early twentieth century books for their beautiful intricate engravings, drawings and the golden-brown paper. Including more modern sources also including botanical drawings, mechanical drawings, maps, mathematical/geometric drawings, architectural drawings, medical/anatomical illustrations, non-English texts, illustrations of ancient cave drawings and other archaeological sites, etc. Over the collage I paint with acrylic paint, oil sticks, and sometimes watercolor. I allow the painting to develop organically. I like to allow the paint to drip and puddle so that the form is truly organic. The pieces usually take on a kind of watery garden, cloud forest, misty luminous surreal dreamscape/landscape quality. I command a paradigm shift in which the people will reclaim their humanity and will throw off the shackles of power, tradition and the status quo and demand that each human being be free to exercise true freedom and true equal opportunity on an equal playing field with all other humans. We will work in a community of cooperation. No one will be “left behind” and all human basic requirements (food, clean water, clothing, shelter) will be available to all people. My work is an imagination of this new paradigm and a call for all likeminded people to join me in manifesting a true golden age on Earth.


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