Sally Kauffman

Kauffman is best known for her abstract yet allusory large-scale paintings that celebrate and exude pleasure. Her gestural brushwork and sensual application of paint reference the figure. Kauffman draws on personal experiences as a source for her images; groups of people sharing meals, listening to music, swimming or lounging on the beach and, recently, peaceably resisting. “My paintings exist in the space between abstraction and figuration where amorphous shapes and fluid color reflect my instinctive response to the world around me.” Kauffman captures moments in snapshots and digitally manipulates the the composition and intensity of color. The dense, saturated images become the source for paintings on canvas in oils and acrylics. The scale of the work defines the physical process of painting, the movement manifests in the image. The act of painting is the ultimate delight: stroking, swiping and splashing paint in transparent to opaque layers until a luscious surface emerges.