Ram Brisueno

I began my journey as a self taught artist. I have always pursued art as a way to communicate with and contribute my perspective to social and artistic conversations in the art community and beyond. As a mixed media artist, I use repurposed materials (magazines, papers, thread, xeroxs) and acrylics, to reveal unique and hidden narratives with an almost surreal perspective that question the art community’s openness and inclusivity of expression and voices.

I am a member of organizations and galleries in the DC area and have been able to show my art, communicate in art talks, and grow as an artist. Opportunities are important and established galleries, such as Zenith encourage and offer a way for artists to share space, ideas and communicate with other artists. Gallery spaces are one way to exhibit art. Opening up the dialogue of what, where and how can be shown, groups like The Black Arts Today expands beyond the white walls of the galleries to other spaces, such as their collaboration with Nieman Marcus, where several artists voices joined in a different venue that reached a wider audience of art enthusiasts.

The DC art community is opening to a wider range of voices. As a queer artist, my collages show an equality of image and gender, where individual parts create a larger meaning in their collective. I use my own experiences and backgrounds with a conscious intent to expand social dialogues. Inclusion in the Art Bank Collection would ensure all our voices are heard and we are seen through our art as essential to the story of who we are.

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