Paula Stern

My art is the tangible manifestation of a deeply conscious effort to capture personality, corporal existence, and human vigor with my hands. I shape sculptures of the human form that my mind’s eye sees. After completing a sculpture through this very private experience, I place it on a pedestal for the world to observe, daring to expose my personal effort to public viewing. As a sculptor, my purpose is to translate my visual image of a face, body or fragment of the human form into a tactile, beautiful object with which the viewer can interact. I want the viewer to touch, pick up and/or walk around my artwork. That action tells me I have impacted the viewer, thereby justifying the uncomfortable act of unveiling my art and personal side in public. The spirit behind my work is to honor creation. When I sculpt the human face or form, I am changed unselfconsciously by the mystery and mastery of creation itself. I wish to honor the human face and form, not idealize it; for each face and body is unique, and the perfect object does not exist … for the creator or the viewer. This is why I particularly enjoy the challenge of sculpting portrait busts to capture a likeness of a person, as well as to chase the elusive goal of conveying “lifelike-ness” that expresses the essence of the individual. By sculpting, I hope to leave artwork for future generations as enduring as the work of other sculptors throughout history whose paths I respectfully and admiringly follow.

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