Patera Kori Studios

Without any movement, the sculpture must convey the elegance and graceful beauty intended by the artist. When this is achieved, then the other dimension of a Patera Kori Studios sculpture comes into play. The kinetic component introduces movements that communicate the ordered, balanced perfection of spirals in nature. The gentle simplicity and elegant form and motion of a Patera Kori Studios kinetic sculpture touches the quiet, balanced center of our souls. The graceful movements of the ballerina, the stable form of the sitting meditating monk, the perfect geometrically expanding spiral of the nautilus shell all influence the artistic vision of their kinetic wood sculptures. The spiral pattern, as observed in nature, has been part of man’s experience and has been incorporated into human artistic development since the beginning of time. The spiral appears in nearly every society in the ancient world and continues to be extensively used today in Patera Kori Studios contemporary kinetic wood sculptures.