Mitzi Bernard

I work with tiny pieces of paper that tell stories. Much of my art speaks to the strength and power of women, their incredible beauty and society’s value judgements. Most recently I’ve expanded my work to include other kinds of stories through commissioned pieces like Retriever Grateful.

My art would be considered “outsider” art. It’s not what one would normally think of when talking fine art, yet that’s exactly the point of my art and that’s to find beauty in places we may have “judged” differently, whether it be my different kind of art, or our judgements of others, particularly women.

Each piece is uniquely its own with its own story containing hundreds of tiny little paper cutouts with each glued on individually. My work comes from my life and experiences. I particularly like to tell stories that show how strong we women are, even when society doesn’t see us that way.

I love the flow and beauty of the female she Each work takes me over 200 hours to complete with Playboy Stanley taking over two years! From afar each work looks like a painting. It’s only when you get up close and see the detail that you’re shocked to discover that it’s not painting at all but pictures of people, events and images that tell stories. I will try to show as close-up as possible so you can see the details. Also, hidden within each work are smaller messages and surprise pictures of well-known people.

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