Michelle Dickson

Contemplation of time and mortality is not new in my work, but in Neither Mine Nor Yours there is a more inward approach. This series of sculptures uses the form of the self-portrait to investigate identity and my place in a world where the future seems more uncertain than ever. The uncertainty ever-present in life has been a driving force behind my work. The effect of time on nature, with its cycles of growth, death, and decay have been recurring themes in my work as well. In this body of work the effect of humans on nature is beginning to be investigated. Just as the contemplation of time and mortality has turned inward in this body of work, so has my exploration of nature. In Neither Mine Nor Yours, the effect of the human footprint on the environment is investigated.The paradox of “man’s destruction of the environment, he needs to survive” rises to the forefront. And with that there is an overarching sense of fragility- both of the body and of the world around us.