Margery Goldberg

I make art because that is who I am. I’ve known this since I was 10 when I started sculpture classes at Rochester Memorial Art Gallery. At GWU I was an art major. After college in 1973, I was one of the first females in America with a complete woodworking studio. My work sold even before I graduated college and I have not looked back since. For over 45 years my obsession for the medium has not waned. I think of trees as our ancestors and family. Trees can live without people, but people cannot live without trees. Trees are our partners on this planet, without trees there would be no shelter, books, habitat for our entire ecosystem including the air we breathe. Exotic and domestic hardwoods are my medium. Laminating and carving are my process. The result is sensuous, warm and unique, tactile and inviting. Each tree and the wood therein are unique, like humans no two are alike. Whether I carve a single piece of wood or laminate the wood for sculpture and furniture, carve and fabricate from logs or combine with neon, like the ancient carvers, I let the spirit out of the wood. I consider myself a wood whisperer.

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