Linda Atkinson

I think of my sculptures as visual poems. I like making sculptures of genres we usually think of for paintings:  landscape, still life, the figure.  I’m interested in expressing actions or characteristics that address the human condition, and translate emotions into image, to invent objects which mystify yet beg meaning. I want these objects I make to have weight and presence, to provoke curiosity,  to be multi-faceted, to be at times humorous, to be profound, and to have heart.

For me, art making is a deeply personal activity, and often the process of making the objects takes over before any specific meaning is revealed. I like making things, and things usually come together in a formal sense first.  I select images and elements for my sculptures that are symbolic and multifaceted. Putting elements together, I strive for the same sort of compactness and clarity that poetry often delivers.  The meaning becomes an allegory or metaphor, or even a pun.  I’m looking for a visual experience that is satisfying to me and unfolds with the making.

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