Lea Craigie-Marshall

Born in Falls Church, Va in 1976, self-taught, contemporary artist Lea showed talent from an early age. A natural creative spirit, she spent time taking private art lessons with her mother at home as well as in the mountains of scenic West Virginia with her grandmother, both artists. These strong female influences helped mold and inspire Lea to be the dynamic, multifaceted, feminist artist she is today. She has taught art in private schools and through private lessons for the past 15 years. Her work is heavily influenced by the natural world, our current political climate and socio-economic/civil rights issues. She incorporates these themes seamlessly into her works. Whether working on a dreamy figurative portrait, a surrealistic landscape, or a political piece, her aim is to provoke a deeply visceral reaction. Be it a feeling of love, anger, regret, or happiness, she is known to say: “What is art, if not to provoke?” Lea believes we should never shy away from a chance to bring to the forefront today’s toughest struggles through beautifully composed artworks. She is also known to be quite experimental with the mediums she employs. Her latest series of “Powerful Beauties” is created using techniques unique to her. Incorporating oil paints, resins, papers and acrylics in her compositions, she imbues an ethereal soulfulness into every piece she conjures.

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