Larry Ringgold

I was born and raised on the Chesapeake Bay. I grew up crabbing and fishing with local water-men and have always felt a connection to the bay.

I have been a Carpentry/Woodworking Teacher and woodworker for over 42 years. The driftwood thing is a recent endeavor that was made convenient by last summer’s hurricanes and the opening of the Conowingo Dam. Due to massive flooding, great amounts of all types of wood drifted down to the Maryland beaches. I have always found driftwood art fascinating and now I have plenty to pick from.

I saw my first driftwood sculptures in California in the 70’s and since then found others online doing magnificent work such a Deborah Butterfield, Matt Torrens and Heather Jansch. I have found their work inspiring but different from my own in design and construction.

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