Khalid Thompson

A feeling of emotional purity comes over me while in the process of painting abstractly. Purity in the sense that there is no filter; my emotions unhinged from my ego flow freely from painting to painting. All mistakes are embraced as they are perceived to be opportunities expanding my range of expression. No matter the stage of my career as a painter, I have always maintained this perspective.
Improvisation is my bedrock of execution as an artist. One of the main reasons I connect with this approach is due to a desire to find experiences in life where I can be completely honest with myself. Throughout my life, I have always felt the need to suppress my immediate response to a given situation. When painting, I rarely pause to think, or my thinking is in relation to the spontaneous emotions being expressed.
There is an inherent spirituality in abstraction that can empower the painter to take risks and trust the deepest parts of their unknown potential. My journey is an attempt to develop my awareness of universal cosmic power. I define this power as the subtle vibrational connection that constitutes the vast fabric of existence.   resume

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