Ken Girardini

I have wanted to uniquely combine my painting with my photography for many years. Now, using digital techniques I have developed a process specific to this style.” I have been an artist for over 35 years working in a multidisciplinary approach in metal design and mixed media. My travels and studies have reestablished my original disciplines, painting and photography, as the major components of my work. Printing on transparent layers of acrylic medium, (like plastic wrap) I can transfer the images to the metal surface and alter them by painting both under and over them. I can add as many layers as needed and decide where to deepen the images or keep them transparent allowing the metal surface to reflect through. The best surprise is when a piece is finished and you see it in different room lights, coming from different angles. Some things just disappear while other parts of the piece that you didn’t even notice, jump out at you!

I work with the figure, whether it’s a human or a human-doll, inspires me by the impression of expression on the face. What does it seem to say? How does it affect us?What do we feel when we look into its eyes?

By placing the figures among the parallel bands, I create a layered depth within the boundary of the piece. Generally I place them above a textured metal surface that’s simultaneously reflective and solid. I love metal and having worked with it for 20+ years as a furniture designer and sculptor, I just had to use it as a surface for my collage/ paintings.”

The Japanese dolls are a piece of emotional history for me. I spent time there, in Japan, as an exchange student. It was a pivotal moment in my personal history and has affected my artwork, my designs and many aspects of my life ever since. I also think that Geisha dolls show a cultural uniqueness that’s instantly recognizable. They have subtle non-verbal connections, tell a story and I believe add meaning to an otherwise abstract surface. Enjoy.