Keith Norval

My paintings take advantage of humor. 
(The absurd rears its ugly head.)
The process is as important as the artwork itself.
 My work is changing and dynamic.
Tumultuous materials explode in a rush of energy.
Elements of the familiar arise with the repetition of characters and situations.

Familiar actions and themes surface as the pieces progress:
Business vs. life
King vs. subjects
Surprise and outrage
Painting becomes an examination of relationships.
Mad cow i.e. “T – bone” – reactionary, revolutionary. Outraged at the current health care situation. Works at a job he hates.
Pigs – pensive and particular. They enjoy wallowing in their own filth.
Kats – generally disinterested except in matters concerning themselves.
Birds – often taken to flights of fancy.
Elephants – large and in charge.
Rhinos – really get rambunctious. Good at making a point.

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