Julie Girardini

I believe it is my responsibility as an artist to keep telling stories of our histories. I am obligated to observe the word around me and make some sense of it through visual means. Successfully doing this gives meaning to the social concerns and heightens awareness in each of us.

I’m influenced by the journeys we take in our lives. I am interested in how we travel from one phase of life to another. Sometimes it involves a physical move. Other times it is an emotional shift. How do we make it feel like home? When do we know we are ready to move on? Do we get stuck on concepts of safety and security, or do we honor the opportunity for growth?

I symbolize this through my use of iconic forms: boats, nests, housed…for me these forms hold histories. Where we have been and where we are going.

My primary use of steel gives permanence to these structures, but I push the boundaries by mixing in elements of glass, wire, paper and encaustic to bring a feeling of fragility and the ethereal nature of life.