Jerry Berta

Studio Artist for since 1975, Working in Sculpture, Ceramics, Neon, Painting, and Collage My most recent artwork is Digitally Based Art. Along the way I have created a Roadside Attraction, Dinerland the home of Rosie’s Diner. Currently I am teaching at Edgewood Elementary and Dr. Martin Luther King Elementary in Muskegon Heights. It has been a wonderful year sharing and creating with my young art students. In fact they inspired my 2013 entry. ” United Faces of America” and ” I Love My Beautiful Brain!” our 2014 ArtPrize entry. Currently I am teaching art at Ellington Academy and our 2015 ArtPrize entry is “The Conversation – What would they say?” Currently an elementary art teacher at Kentwood Public Schools where I get to share my passion for making art with the next generation.

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