Jackie Braitman

“My passion as a sculptor is to capture the tension of motion – and my favorite subject is the grace and athleticism of the female dancer. I use variations in form, scale, and material to explore how we perceive the motion and the female body. The start is almost always sculpting a figure in wax. Sometimes the original figure is cast directly in bronze or glass. Often, though, I use modern 3D technology to explore how variations of the original figure affect our sense of the figure and it’s motion.”

For the past 15 years Braitman has built a design/build practice that has integrated sculpture, landscape design, and architectural design. Braitman is enthralled by the power and grace of the human body in motion and completely absorbed by the challenge of capturing that essence in a static sculpture. Experimenting with material, scale and form is what helped her in this exploration. These ideas came together in 2014 when Braitman was commission to create a memorial sculpture of the late Godfather of Go-Go, Chuck Brown titled “Wind Me Up, Chuck” in the Chuck Brown Memorial Park in Washington DC.