F. Lennox Campello

Florencio Lennox Campello was born in Guantanamo, Cuba and studied art at the University of Washington School of Art in Seattle, Washington from which he graduated in 1981.

For the last few years Campello has been refining a marriage of traditional narrative drawing with embedded digital technology components such as video, PowerPoint presentations, motion detectors and digital imagery. The work uses the embedded technology components to enhance and add to the narrative focus of the overall work and represent one of the first seminal movements in the marriage of technology with traditional art genres.

In addition to numerous galleries, his work has been exhibited at the McManus Museum in Scotland, the Brusque Museum in Brazil, the San Bernardino County Art Museum in California, the Musee des Duncan in France, the Frick Museum in Ohio, the Meadows Museum of Art in Shreveport, Louisiana, the Hunter Museum in Tennessee, the Sacramento Fine Arts Center in California, The Art League in Alexandria, The Museum of Contemporary Art in DC, the Rock Springs Art Center in Wyoming and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Boulder, Colorado, the Popov Museum in Russia and the Museum of Small Art in Malaysia.   more about

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