Emily Tucci




It is inherent in human nature that one feels the need to take from the natural world. Water, plants, wildlife are often viewed as commodities, free for the taking by humankind. This is a one-sided, unhealthy relationship. In order to successfully coexist WITH, not IN, the environment, one must consciously enter a symbiotic relationship with the natural world. What one takes from the world must be done so with intention and not to the detriment of the environment. I consciously re purpose what I take from the environment in my art in order to advocate for the natural world. I make my materials from natural elements, such as decayed plant life, soil, sand, and salt. All materials, both man-made and natural, inherently come with personal and cultural context and associations. These meanings can never be disassociated from the material. They have the ability to convey a powerful point of view when utilized and manipulated.