David Therriault

I create sculpture from stone. My work is found in private collections, gardens, and public spaces from Washington, D.C. to New York to Nova Scotia. My sculptures are an abstract take on ancient symbols. My carving represents external influences that wear on the soul of an object but never take it all away. There is always something left holding on; persevering and resisting change.

I do not collect stones from nature for those stones have avoided man’s improvements for centuries. We would do well to just visit those stones and see them for what they are: the soul of the earth, something that our manipulations cannot improve. Let them whisper; it’s what they do.I find stones that have been stolen, asked to change, ripped, chopped, moved, and piled for consumption. I try to tell their stories which always end the same way: the sand turned to glass, the iron to liquid. All return to the rock they began with and all form the silent whisper of a soul unchangeable.That said, really I just like to bang on rocks and it gives people something to say that I do for a living.

Alden Farms FINAL from Maniglia Media on Vimeo.