David Hubbard

Born in Rock Rapids, Iowa, 1954, David Hubbard has been a metalworker for more than 30 years. His work in the 1980’s at the Smithsonian prepared him for starting his own art-related business. He has been the owner of Hubbard’s Fine Arts Services since 1987, performing sculpture conservation and art installation. Metal has always been his passion. He learned his craft by working in a commercial Iron works in the late 1970s. The shapes he uses are meant to be symbolic and suggestive, like a conversation between the viewer and the object.  He has incorporated movement in the Monument series. He his a dedicated environmentalist who would rather be in nature. His main joy in life is to kayak rivers all across the country. He is very concerned about his children’s future and has tried to do his part to reduce human impact on the environment. He is very interested in Native American mythology and philosophy. He was a boy scout and his father was an avid bird watcher and hiker. These influences have shaped his vision.