Chris Malone


I started making dolls In 1992. I had just moved to the Washington, D.C. area and was walking through Old Town Alexandria, VA, and I came upon a shop called Angie’s Doll boutique. The ladies in the shop asked if I was looking for my mother or my girlfriend? I replied that I was a doll maker and I was looking to see what they had for me to use to create dolls. We soon became friends. I believe my creations come from my unknown African past. When my ancestors came to this country chained in the belly of ships as cargo, they were taken away from their language, families, way of life; and this included their Gods. When I am creating a doll I’ll have the exotic fabric, beads and feathers on a table in front of me and I let the Universe (spirit) guide me in what to do with it, I do the same when I’m sculpting in clay. Maybe my guidance in creativity is coming from my unknown ancestors… perhaps telling me stories that I have never heard and showing mask and painted faces that I have never seen? I just know if I keep my mouth closed and my mind open I can be creative… I can only say that this works for me. After I’m done creating a sculpture I exhale and I have a cigar and a beer (or maybe a whisky and coke) and a nap, after that it starts all over again.