Carolyn Goodridge

“The radiance of nature is audible. So, I listen with my heart and paint what I hear. Night and day dreams filled with rich music and color inspire me to paint visual songs. My landscapes, biomorphic imagery are abstract interpretations. The paintings are emotional attunements to nature’s elements: sun’s fire, the wind, water and Mother Earth. Each work whispers a glimpse of an intelligent and relentlessly churning life. The paintings convey the constant motion of a not so still life. I accomplish this work with a patient process of orchestrating colors, mixing finely ground raw pigments with melted beeswax in the ancient process of encaustic. We are both conscious beings and beings which also enjoy the precision and wisdom of the subconscious. The ideas that inform the conscious side of my work are a marriage of Eastern philosophy and Western science: Zen, Taoism, Yoga and Vedic texts, Sufism, Theoretical Physics, Quantum Mechanics.”

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