Carol Newmyer

I have always felt that the desire to communicate is one of the great universal reasons why artists create their work. It is certainly the main reason why I love to create participatory art. Many of my sculptures are meant to be touched and moved and are purposefully designed for hands-on interaction with the viewer, which further allows them to take part in the creative process. My Bronze Figurative Sculptures comes from my desire to show how balance, harmony and connection can come from and out of tension and stress. Outwardly, I try to focus on the gesture, emotion, balance, lines and negative space. I like the combination of an image that is organic, raw and seemingly immovable like the roots of a tree, with the smooth, ever changing, fluid and precisely formed figure ready to take flight. I am inspired by a dancer’s androgynous nature and the forms that they create when they dance. I love when the trail of inspiration continues the dance beyond me. It’s wonderful to observe people who claim to have no artistic ability, play with the figures and move them about to create new forms, new tensions, new harmonies and new balance. This same spirit of playful interaction sometimes extends to my collection of Wearable Art Jewelry of necklaces, pins, pendants and bracelets. Washington has always been my home, and my family has lived here for five generations. My two children now make the sixth generation of my family to call D.C. home. Since its inception, I have worked in and with the Zenith Gallery, growing and evolving along with the community of artists that have developed around it since 1978.

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