Bulsby “Buzz” Duncan

Bulsby “Buzz” Duncan, was born in Kingston, Jamaica and raised in Washington, DC. Buzz is a self-taught artist whose work can be described as abstract, with deep emotion and energy. Buzz traces his artistic influence to the great abstract, expressionists and contemporary artists of the 20th Century. Buzz began painting and drawing as early as he can remember being able to pick up a pencil or a paintbrush. At an early age, he used art to express his ideas and feelings. “For me, art just felt very natural.” Buzz had always been encouraged by family and friends to pursue his passion for painting, but it wasn’t until he met a local artist whose love and appreciation for creating art inspired him to more intentionally step into his purpose and begin his artistic journey. For Buzz, art represents the merging of his thoughts and perspectives on life with his love for bold colors. He uses his art to explore his creativity and articulate the peace and unity he wishes to see throughout the world. “I believe art is life and creativity is a gift that should be shared with the world. I want to show you the world through my eyes and my vision for the future. Once you view my art, you will see the world as I see it and hopefully it will inspire you to unlock your own creative energy.”.

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