Bernie Houston

Bernie Houston has traveled both nationally and internationally collecting driftwood. Most of the pieces were found in the Atlantic region of the United States. He spends nearly sixty days in his studio on each piece: from curing, sanding and painting, then adding a polished finish to each creation. Each Bernie Houston sculpture is one solid piece, inspired by the natural design structure of the wood itself. Fifty percent is nature – fifty percent the unique creativity of Bernie. Because nature does not mimic itself, his entire collection is one-of-a-kind. There is not a single piece like it on this planet. Bernie meticulously chooses driftwood based on its age, shape and overall form. The wood determines the nature of the piece. His gifted ability to visualize and carve each piece is what makes his work unique. The right tools, the right styles of carving, and complete attention to detail create Bernie‛s wonderful masterpieces. The artist‛s final touch is the paint and varnish process.Here, the very essence of the sculpture is brought to life.

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