Bart Walter

My art evolves from a passion for all living things. I strive to capture the essence of a living being; to explore some kernel of truth that may have gone unnoticed, and to depict an otherwise elusive moment in time. In my mind’s eye, I strip away all that is unnecessary, even as I build the sculpture with layer upon layer of clay. My goal is a distillation of the subject until only true essentials are left. If in so doing I can reveal some intangible spirit, make evident the soul of my subject, and communicate this in my art, then I have accomplished something real.

A full-time sculptor for three decades, Bart Walter is primarily known for his unique and dynamic approach to surface. Now, at the beginning of the 21st century, his work can be found in notable public and private collections worldwide: be it in the museum, gallery, or zoo, his art is exhibited in myriad locations. Many unique commission works in bronze sculpture have been sought by collectors and institutions over the years as well.

Working from his personal drawings, clay and wax field studies, Bart embraces a figurative, representational style that eschews the minute in favor of the whole–the spirit of the animal. Bart’s renderings are derived from a personal commitment to the integrity of each subject. When casting in bronze, Bart’s hands-on approach results in sculptures that are faithful to the original work. With this holistic view of inspiration, creation and casting,