Art for the Sake of Depth and Meaning

The Zenith Gallery has proudly represented the work of Davis Morton for almost thirty years. One of my sayings about artistic inspiration is that you are only as good as your experiences and Davis has certainly had some extraordinary experiences. As a retired homicide detective with over twenty years on the Montgomery County Police Department, Davis views his experience in a different way. As he says, “My career gave me something more to paint about. It was a front row seat to life, where you see the best at their worst, and the worst at their best. There is truly nothing like it.”

Inspired by the mystery of existence and life, his experiences fed the depth of his artistic sensibilities and spawned a Hopper-esque moodiness and sense of isolation in his work. And at the heart of every portrait he paints there is a lifetime of making friends and reading people from every walk of life and many different cultures.

Davis has spent the last year writing and publishing his coffee-table sized paper-back book, “Art for the sake of Depth and Meaning.” The book offers a unique blend of 40 large images of excellent paintings with a literary vignette or story about each on adjacent pages. The book can be purchased through Zenith Gallery here.

We hope you enjoy the work of Davis Morton.  

“McGarvey’s Salon” by Davis Morton

“Clifton’s Dream” by Davis Morton

“Partners” by Davis Morton

“Meeting in the Park”

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