Davis W. Morton IV spent his childhood in Bronxville, New York and in Chevy Chase, Maryland. He went to private boarding schools in New York and in Towson, Maryland until getting married at the age of sixteen. At that time Morton started painting seriously, working full time, and going to high school then college at night.

Of the twenty years he spent as a policeman in Montgomery County, Maryland, Morton was a Detective for fourteen years working in the homicide, sex and robbery sections. He worked several years undercover and was also the Police Artist for eighteen years.

By 1989 Morton had created more composite drawings of criminals than any other known Composite Artist in the United States. Two of his articles about the use of a composite drawing as an investigative tool were published in The Police Chief Magazine and in Law and Order Magazine.

Since the early 1990’s Morton has been able to devote all of his time to painting as his sole career.


Due to early responsibilities, Morton was unable to attend art school. Other than one anatomy course, taken from Frank Wright at George Washington University in 1979, Morton is a self-taught artist. He received his bachelor’s degree in English Literature from the University of Maryland in 1977.

Since 1975 he has visited galleries and museums of Europe, Asia, South America and Africa to further his education.

Galleries / Affiliations / Exhibitions (partial listing) My book, Art for the sake of Depth and Meaning was published on 05-10-18
“American Arts Quarterly Magazine” my artist statement, “My Paintings” was published (2002)
“American Artist Magazine” (article, December 2000)
“America’s Most Wanted” Washington, DC (six appearances and drawings aired)
Antreasian Gallery, Baltimore Md. (show July 2005)
Arts Illustrated, LLC my article, “Can a Portrait Still Be Great Art?” was published on 04-04-16
Art Effects Gallery, Merion, PA.
Arts Club of Washington, Washington, DC (show 1997)
Art Network Group, Bethesda, MD (publisher)
(The) Artist’s Magazine, 2015 Annual International Art Competition, Portrait/Figure (Finalist)
The Athenaeum, Alexandria, VA (Realism show 2001)
Atlanta Art Gallery, Atlanta, Georgia
Baltimore Choral Arts Society, Baltimore, MD (show 2001)
“Baltimore Magazine” (“Thames Street” published in article September 2005
“The Beacon” (article in Baltimore issue March of 2009)
Beresford Gallery, Boyds, MD and Saratoga, New York
Capricorn Gallery, Bethesda, MD
CNN “Wolf Blitzer Reports” (Live interview, October 2002)
Cudahy’s Gallery, Richmond, VA
David Adamson Editions, Washington, DC
Fine Arts and Artists, Washington, DC
Fellus Gallery, Washington, DC
Fisher Gallery, Washington, DC (show 1997)
Foxhall Gallery, Washington, DC
Glave Kocen Gallery, Richmond, Virginia
Hemphill Fine Arts, Washington, DC
“Hillrag” Magazine (“Tango #2 appeared on cover, February 2005)
“100 Artists of the Mid-Atlantic” by E. Ashley Rooney (my information on pages 38- 39)
Joseph Keiffer Inc., New York, New York (Agent)
La Petite Galerie, Annapolis, MD
Main Street Gallery Annapolis, MD
Mckissick Museum, Columbia, SC (shows1999, 2001 Norrell collection)
North Dakota Museum of Art (show 2001)
Ontogeny, Potomac, MD (Phyllis Beek-Agent)
Occidental Grill, Washington, DC (show May 2001)
Pacific Art and Books, Granada Hills, California
Pandion Gallery, Fishers Island, New York (“Sporting Art” show)
Paper – Rock – Scissors Gallery, Baltimore MD
Portrait Representatives, Towson, MD (Jean Trout-Agent)
Rablen West Gallery, Vero Beach, Florida (“Polo Paintings” show)
Smile, Hon, You’re in Baltimore! (two paintings and prose published in 2009)
Somerville-Manning Gallery, Greenville, Delaware
“US Artists” show, Philadelphia, PA (Joseph Keiffer- Agent)
Veerhoff Gallery, Washington, DC
White Canvas Gallery, Richmond, VA
Wilshire Fine Arts, Granada Hills, California
WTTG-FOX NEWS (Live interview, October 2002)
Zenith Gallery, Washington, DC

Morton is represented by the Zenith Gallery in Washington, DC. and Main Street Gallery in Annapolis, MD

“Art for the Sake of Depth and Meaning, by Davis Morton” To see a sample of this book please click…