Zenith Gallery Presents:

Zenith Zoo: Artistic Interpretations of our Planetary Partners
1111 Pennsylvania Ave., NW Washington, DC 20004
Show Dates May 28 –August 30, 2014
10% of sales will be donated to the Washington DC Humane Society.


Washington, DC -April 28, 2014 -Zenith Gallery is pleased to present Zenith Zoo: Artistic Interpretations of our Planetary Partners,a group exhibit featuring sculpture and paintings by Zenith gallery artists, depicting various species, genus, and breeds from the animal kingdom.The exhibit is being held in conjunction with Washington, DC Week for the Animals,May 24th–June 1, 2014, during which various animal interest non-profit organizations, shelters, rescue groups, and educational agencies across the area will also be hosting wonderful animal-related special events.

From paintings to cast bronze, animals have been observed and depicted in art throughout history.In the “Zenith Zoo” our artists shed new light onto the animal kingdom. The artist’s unique interpretations allow us to view the animals in new ways and give us a deeper understanding of our world. From the beginning of time humans have been fascinated by and dependent on animals for food, clothing, companionship, and creative inspiration. At the “Zenith Zoo” we welcome you to discover new ways of seeing animals.Our artists have taken their own interpretations of wildlife and have formed various styles and forms of art.These versatile and unique interpretations allow us to gain a deeper appreciation of the animal kingdom.

David Bacharach “I want my work to express not only an artistic presence, but also a craftsman-like, hands-on approach to materials.”For over 30 years, David Paul Bacharach has been creating unique hand woven metal compositions, now he is creating one of a kind metal sculpture of animals. He can be commissioned to do large scale functional projects.Stephen Hansen “As an artist I am not an explorer of the human condition, so much as a hapless tourist, making snapshots of whatever strikes my fancy.”

Stephen Hansen primarily works with paper mache, creating narratives that come to life through his characters and his play on ideas. Hansen has created seven paper-mache sculptures of life-sized figures for the new Kalamazoo/Battle Creek International Airport terminal and his commissions are seen all over Washington D.C. and around the world.

Marcie Wolf-Hubbard: Accomplished artist, Marci Wolf-Hubbard received her BA from the University of Maryland in Studio Art and studied Fine Art and Illustration at the Maryland Institute College of Art.Marcie has illustrated magazines and books, and has served as courtroom illustrator. Co-author of The Shiny Shell, an eco-adventure book about a boy and a dolphin on a mission to save the oceans, Marci also teaches at Arts for the Aging, designing hands-on sessions for seniors throughout the community.

Carol Gellner Levin: Social worker turned sculptor, Carol Levin’s primary inspiration comes from people and animals.For many years she has worked in a variety of media, including: clay, bronze and other casting materials.In the last few years she has focused on mixed media pieces. Carol Levin was featured in Dennis Forbes book about renowned sculptor, Christo, entitled Christo and Four Modern Creators of Environmental Art, published in February 2012.

Davis W. Morton: As a retired homicide detective and as an artist who is world-traveled the diversity of Davis Morton’s life is reflected in his paintings.When he paints horses there is always something in each painting of the horse he owned for almost 30 years. His landscapes are often fields he rode across or islands where his kayak landed.His night-life paintings and city scenes may be reminiscent of Edward Hopper but they come from streets that Davis knows. And at the heart of every portrait Davis paints there is a lifetime of reading people from every walk of life and many different cultures.

Ron Schwerin: An extraordinary realist painter for 30 years, after a career in fashion photography, Ron Schwerin has an acute eye for the human form and pulls the viewer into his work through use of color, depth and light.Mostly known for his artistic nudes, in this exhibit we see him work with a slightly different, four legged model. Tim Vermeulen: “My paintings are attempts to articulate, in visual form, symbolic and allegorical stories.A chaotic web of emotions and ideas that is at once deeply personal and about our universal condition.”His paintings often involve narratives based on established stories or directly from literary sources.

Paula Wachsstock: An award-winning painter residing in northern Virginia, Paula Wachsstock specializes in what she calls “paint to print.” She uses tools such as screens and sanders to refine her pieces, peeling back the coating of emotion that comes with each painting. The ever-growing Wachsstock gallery includes animal drawings, and acrylic and oil on canvas paintings. Her love of animals has made her one of the best animal portrait artists around.Bart Walter: With a strong passion for all living things,

Bart Walter strives to capture the essence of a living being, to explore some kernel of truth, and to depict an otherwise elusive moment in time.“I strip away all that is unnecessary, even as I build the sculpture with layer upon layer of clay.My goal is a distillation of the subject until only true essentials are left.”

Todd Warner: Born in Fort Worth, Texas and raised in rural central Michigan, Todd Warner’s professional career in art began in 1967.His passion resides in sculpting, using a variety of materials and creating some of his signature animals for which he is nationally renowned. His work graces the Orlando International Airport and he has completed hundreds of commissions around the United States.

Where:1111 Pennsylvania Ave, NW Washington, DC 20004
When: May 21-August 30, 2014

Opening Reception: Wednesday, May 28, 5:30-8:30 PM
Information, Press/Images:Margery Goldberg, 202-783-2963, margery@zenithgallery.comGallery
Hours: Monday –Friday 8am-7pm, all other times, entrance on 12thSt. NW WDC 20004

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