Navigating Eternity



Zenith Gallery Presents:
Navigating Eternity – Works by Darlene Davis & Eduardo Davis of Patera Kori Studios & Suzy ScarboroughShow dates: May 17 – July 27
Meet the Artists Reception: May 18, 2-5 pm
1429 Iris St NW, Washington DC 20012

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Suzy Scarborough’s collages come to life as re-imagined dream-like landscapes. Hand-selected images overtake her panels as they piece together a unified, utopian future. Layers of golden varnish and the addition of acrylic paint allows her work to become complete, masking the image of the collage. These images echo a conceptual idealistic world that Scarborough envisions,an “imagination of this new paradigm and a call for all like-minded people to join me in manifesting a true golden age on Earth.” By applying layers and layers of book pages from various texts such as:medical, mathematical, botanicals, geography, and art history she creates her Globalist View of humanity in all its glory.

Inspired by naturally occurring forms Darlene Davis and Eduardo Davis of Patera Kori Studios, a father and daughter duo incorporates patterns in their kinetic wood sculptures. Spirals are found everywhere in life, nature, art, mathematics, botany, architecture, and psychology. While there are spirals in the wood grain and the overall shape of the sculpture, the secondary piece moves around the sculpture. “The kinetic component introduces movements that communicate the ordered,balanced perfection of spirals in nature.” These sculptures bring a sense of relaxation, calm and balance to the viewer.

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