One hundred thousand Souls

“She is Tossed by the Waves” by Elissa Farrow-Savos

Art and Humanity
Zenith Gallery is a large family of artists, clients, patrons. friends, and employees, current and former. Most artists are empathic by very nature, and this pandemic hurts to the core. It is testing our humanity on so many levels. Do we care enough to wear a mask? By their actions each person answers the question, do I care about you?

In some ways, and for some, it is bringing about the best of humanity and in others it brings out the worst. For many artists it brings out the depth of their feelings. Artists have a supporting relationship with nature and all our planet’s life forms. Throughout millennia artists have used the human form for expression. We learn so much from art history about how people lived, died, rejoiced, fanaticised, and agonized from artists depictions and creations. From the visual arts to music, literature, theater, and dance, every art form tells us something about the human spirit.

We are now facing the undeniable truth of this horrific pandemic. One hundred thousand preventable deaths. Each was a mother, father, child, sibling, or grandparent loved by many.

In the words of our next president, Joe Biden:

“To those hurting, the nation grieves with you. There are moments in our history so grim, so heart-rending, that they are forever fixed in each of our hearts as shared grief. Today is one of those moments. 100,000 lives have now been lost to this virus. I think I know how you are feeling. You feel like you are being sucked into a black hole in the middle of your chest. It is suffocating.”
American lives lost in all wars since, and including, the Vietnam War: 104,147
Vietnam War: 58,220
Korean War: 36,574
Operation Iraqi Freedom: 4,418
Persian Gulf War: 2,386
Operation Enduring Freedom: 2,349
No one was called to defend our country, especially first responders, nurses, doctors, grocery store workers, bus drivers, food bank volunteers, and so many more but these noble Americans and frankly people from every country on earth have stepped up and volunteered to help. These people, whether paid or unpaid, did not sign up to die for their job. But they do it anyway. We salute you, your bravery, unwavering spirit, and grit to endure the unimaginable. We hope our art brings some rejuvenation to your spirit.
We are, without a doubt, all in this together.
Please take care of yourselves and your families and know that you’re not alone!

Creatively yours,

Margery E. Goldberg

“Couple in Periwinkle” by Hubert Jackson

“Golden Sisters” by Hubert Jackson